Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Definition of Exempt Foods

Nutrition information is listed per serving, unless otherwise noted. Guidelines apply to products approved for advertising to children under 12, unless otherwise noted.

George Weston Foods

Australian Food and Grocery Council Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative (Australian Grocery Council Pledge)

Group Calories/ Portion Size Limit Fats Sugars Sodium Nutrient Content/ Additional Guidelines
Savory pastries, pasta, pizzas, oven baked potato products, dim sums, spring rolls, fried rice and noodles≤238 kcal per 100g≤5g per 100gNot Specified≤400mg per 100gNot Specified
Crumbled and coated foods, sausages≤238 Kcal per 100g≤5g per 100gNot Specified≤700mg per 100gNot Specified
Sweetened drinks, ices≤72 KcalNot SpecifiedNot Specified≤100mgNot Specified
Snack food bars, sweet biscuits≤143 Kcal≤3gNot SpecifiedNot Specified≥1g per serve
Savory snack foods, biscuits≤143 Kcal≤3gNot Specified≤200mgNot Specified
Ice creams, milk-based confections, dairy desserts≤143 Kcal≤3gNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot Specified
Cakes, muffins, sweet pastries≤215 Kcal≤3gNot SpecifiedNot Specified≥1.5g per serve