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International Council of Beverages Associations Guidelines on Marketing to Children (ICBA Pledge)

Description and Objective:The International Council of Beverages Associations (ICBA) represents international non-alcoholic beverage companies and major national and international beverage associations. The ICBA developed their pledge in recognition of "public concerns about today’s health issues, particularly the rising levels of obesity and chronic diseases related to poor diets and lack of physical activity in a growing number of countries" with the objective of using marketing communications that do not "undermine their role (parents and guardians) as primary decision makers in choosing what their children consume." No individual commitments are required for this pledge.
Number of Pledge Signatories:All ICBA members (3 companies and 7 trade associations)
Date Implemented:December 2009
Definition of Children:Under 12 years
Definition of Exempt Foods:Set centrally by the core pledge as “all non-alcoholic beverages other than water (mineral, source and purified) fruit juice, and dairy-based beverages (as defined by local regulations), as such segments are not covered by all ICBA members. The commitment also excludes products specifically formulated to address critical nutritional deficiencies and which, with the agreement of national authorities, may be part of a campaign to improve children's health."
Definition of Child-Targeted Media:Audiences of 50% or more of children under 12

Company Commitments

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Name Child-Targeted Media:
Audience Definition
Exempt Foods Communications Channels/Marketing Techniques
All trade association membersSame as core pledgeSame as core pledge