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Australian Food and Grocery Council Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative (Australian Grocery Council Pledge)

Description and Objective:The Australian Food and Grocery Council, representing 150 companies and 80% of the gross dollar value of the food and beverage sector, announced the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative in October 2008. It became effective January 2009. Its aim is to ensure that a "high level of social responsibility in marketing communication and marketing food and beverage products in Australia is maintained." Each participant is required to make individual commitments to the pledge, which can be more restrictive than the core criteria in the pledge. The pledge is made in addition to requirements under the official Children’s Television Standards 2009 covering C and P periods.
Number of Pledge Signatories:17, including food and soft drink manufacturers. Quick service restaurants are covered by a sister pledge, the Quick Service Restaurant Initiative.
Date Implemented:January 2009, updated January 2014
Definition of Children:Under 12 years
Definition of Exempt Foods:Set by each company provided that products "represent healthy dietary choices consistent with established scientific or Australian government standards"
Definition of Child-Targeted Media:The audience of the communication activity is predominately children and/or the media in which the communication activity appears is directed primarily to children and/or the communication activities are directed primarily to children. In regards to television, this includes all P and C programs; all programs where more than 35% of the audience is children under 12 years; plus those G rated programs that meet the criteria above as being designed for children.
Communication Channels Covered:TV, radio, print, 3rd-party Internet, cinema, primary schools, preschools and daycare centers
Marketing Techniques Covered:Any published or broadcasting technique, incuding advertising, product placement and interactive games, but excluding labels or packaging for products, public relations communications (corporate or consumer) or in-store point of sale material.
Healthy Messages Option/Requirement:Required: advertisements must provide healthy lifestyle messages and be restricted only to foods meeting nutritional criteria

Company Commitments

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Name Child-Targeted Media:
Audience Definition
Exempt Foods Communications Channels/Marketing Techniques
Campbell'sSame as core pledgeExempt FoodsSame as core pledge
Cereal Partners WorldwideSame as core pledge, and/or where the audience is predominantly children, as defined by media measurement, market assessment or local authoritiesExempt FoodsSame as core pledge, except that licensed character and product placement requirement limited to programs adjacent to those in which they appear.
Coca-Cola50% of more of audience under 12 and in venues frequented primarily by unsupervised childrenNo Exempt FoodsCore pledge, plus includes sponsorships, point of sale, promotions and all internet activity and sites
FerreroSame as core pledge, and/or 50% or more of projected audience under 12Exempt FoodsSame as core pledge
FonterraSame as core pledgeExempt FoodsSame as core pledge, except no reference to product placement
General MillsSame as core pledgeNo Exempt FoodsSame as core pledge
George Weston FoodsSame as core pledge, and directed primarily to children but no reference to "predominantly" childrenExempt FoodsSame as core pledge
Kellogg'sFor TV, same as core pledge; for radio, 50% or more of audience under 12; for print, specifically designed for childrenExempt FoodsSame as core pledge
Kraft Foods/Mondelez InternationalFor TV, more than 35% of audience under 12, or any program that falls within time periods traditionally regarded as “kids' viewing time" (as designated by media providers); For Internet, more than 35%; print and radio, directed primarily to childrenCore pledge, plus covers company owned internet
LionSame as core pledgeExempt FoodsSame as core pledge
MarsFor TV, more than 25% of audience under 12; other media and techniques, primarily intended for childrenNo Exempt FoodsCore pledge, plus additional restrictions on sales promotions and online marketing
NestléSame as core pledgeExempt FoodsSame as core pledge
Pattie's FoodsTargeted at childrenNo Exempt FoodsSame as core pledge
PepsiCoSame as core pledgeNot SpecifiedSame as core pledge
Sanitarium Health Food CompanySame as core pledgeExempt FoodsSame as core pledge
Simplot AustraliaSame as core pledgeExempt FoodsSame as core pledge
UnileverSame as core pledgeExempt FoodsSame as core pledge