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Philippines Pledge (Philippines Pledge)

Description and Objective:The Philippine Pledge aims to support parental efforts to promote healthy lifestyles to their children through responsible advertising
Number of Pledge Signatories:6
Date Implemented:January 2011, with company action plans scheduled to be published by September 2010
Definition of Children:Under 12 years
Definition of Exempt Foods:Products which fulfill specific nutrition criteria per product category based on scientific evidence and/or applicable national and international dietary guidelines relevant to children
Definition of Child-Targeted Media:Audiences of 50% or more of children under 12
Communication Channels Covered:TV, print, primary schools (except if it is specifically requested by, or agreed with, the school administration for educational or informational purposes)
Marketing Techniques Covered:Advertising

Company Commitments

Click on the blue highlighted company names to access their pledge commitments.

Name Child-Targeted Media:
Audience Definition
Exempt Foods Communications Channels/Marketing Techniques
Coca-ColaNo specific commitment publishedNot Specified
Kraft Foods/Mondelez InternationalNo specific commitment published
MarsNo specific commitment publishedNot Specified
NestléNo specific commitment publishedNot Specified
PepsiCoNo specific commitment publishedNot Specified
UnileverNo specific commitment publishedNot Specified