Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Pledges on Food Marketing to Children

To access pledge-specific information on audience definition, nutrition criteria, communication channels, and marketing techniques, select a pledge in the list below, or select a company to see the pledges to which that company has made a commitment.  Please Note: Pledge information in this database is updated through the end of 2014.

Pledge - Country/Region

Australian Grocery Council Pledge - Australia
Australian Quick Service Restaurant Pledge - Australia
Australian Soft Drinks Pledge - Australia
Belgium Pledge - Belgium
Brazil Pledge - Brazil
Canada Pledge - Canada
EU Pledge - European Union
Europe Soft Drinks Pledge on Marketing Communications and Schools - Europe
GCC Pledge - Gulf States
ICBA Pledge - International
IFBA Pledge - International
India Pledge - India
Malaysia Pledge - Malaysia
Mexico Pledge - Mexico
Peru Pledge - Peru
Philippines Pledge - Philippines
Portuguese Pledge - Portugal
Russia Pledge - Russia
Singapore Pledge - Singapore
South Africa Pledge - South Africa
Switzerland Pledge - Switzerland
Thai Pledge - Thailand
Turkey Pledge - Turkey
U.S. Pledge - United States